Kimball House was inspired by the Kimball House Hotel in downtown Atlanta.
Sadly, like so much other architecture in the Atlanta area, it no longer exists.
Ballrooms, dining rooms and bars were essential pieces of the hotel experience in the time of its existence. Our version of Kimball House is a nod to those old hotel bars and the people that ran them.


Our beverage menus change frequently, and serving you the perfect drink is one of our favorite challenges. From Cocktails to beer, wine and coffee — our offerings are wide and varied — and we strive to give you the best of them all.


 Through reinventing old recipes and experimenting with new tools and technology, our goal is to serve classic and contemporary dishes in a way that feels distinctly Kimball House. Centerpieces of American dining — oysters, caviar and steak — are served with authenticity and a subtle salute to the past.


Kimball House is an amalgamation of dreams, ideas, opinions and people. Like us it’s always changing, and our greatest test is to make sure it’s changing for the best. We hope you like what you see and will join us for drinks and dinner very soon.