The name Kimball House is inspired by the original Kimball House Hotel, a historic Atlanta landmark that covered a whole city block on the south side of Five Points, Downtown.


When it comes to the cocktails at Kimball House, the concept has always been to present things in a classic and elegant manner, but in many cases, to also present new and exciting flavors by using methods not previously available. Both the bar and kitchen use such things as sous vide technology and liquid nitrogen.


The perfect way to describe the type of food we believed would pay the right homage to classic hotel fare —Old American Cuisine. Some of our dishes, such as classic caviar service and the Kimball House steak dinner, fit this term perfectly. 


Our whole business model is greatly shaped by the lessons we learned from our partners, who own Brick Store and Leon's, and also by the collective experience and passions of four Atlanta restaurant industry lifers.